Joining AWPA AWPA encourages all photographers, photographers-to-be, photography lovers, as well as videographers, to join us as “AWPA Ordinary Members” to enjoy a wide range of benefits, including having priority booking our seminars and workshops, and to participate in AWPA Photography & Videography Competitions.

Whilst we are based in Asia, we welcome new members from all countries around the world.

The annual AWPA membership fee is only US$60 , please click HERE for application. Attendees of AWPA seminars, workshops and other events also have the chance to apply as “AWPA Ordinary Members” during the event.

A member must be an individual person. There is no membership category for companies or studios.

An updated list of all AWPA Members are available on The member list shows detailed information about a member, as well as his/her membership tier and AWPA Award Points earned, as described below.

AWPA Membership Tiers

Starting from 2017, AWPA adopts a new system of Membership Tier to motivate our members to improve and challenge themselves for a higher level of skills and techniques.

AWPA Grand Master
AWPA Master
Grand Elite Member
Elite Member
Ordinary Member

Members are advanced based on their accumulated AWPA Award Points + AWPA Annual Awards won during the Annual Final Judging:

AWPA Grand Master: 100 points + 10 Gold Award + 1 Grand Award
The most prestige title of AWPA. Requires absolutely amazing and flawless skills, creativity and art sense. Truly a master and leader in the industry. Whilst very difficult to obtain this title, it is possible to achieve with a lot of effort and talent.

AWPA Master: 60 points + 5 Gold Awards or above
Equipped with outstanding and creative skills, an AWPA Master demonstrates exceptional craftsmanship through his/her stunning work. A title difficult to obtain without years of experience and effort. Being an AWPA Master, he/she would be invited to speak and share in AWPA’s events organised in various Asian cities. He/she may also be invited to act as a judge in AWPA competitions.

Grand Elite Member: 30 points + 5 Silver Awards or 10 Bronze Awards
A higher level of Elite Members, that requires constant excellence performance in AWPA Competitions. Being a Grand Elite Member, he/she may be invited to speak and share in AWPA’s events organised in various Asian cities.

Elite Member: 10 points
Specific profile pages on for Elite Members and above. An Elite Member demonstrates excellence skills and techniques. Being an Elite Member, he/she may be invited to speak and share in AWPA’s events organised in various Asian cities.

Ordinary Member: 0-9 points
Lowest membership tier. To apply please click HERE.

Under the new system adopted from 31 March 2017, members who were previously “Top Members” automatically become “Grand Elite Members”. Members who were previously “Elite Members” remain to be “Elite Members”.

Details about earning points and winning awards in AWPA Competitions as well as Annual Final Judging may be found below.

Important: To accumulate AWPA Award Points and to maintain recognition of your membership tier title, you must maintain your AWPA membership by paying the basic annual membership fee.

Each year we also invite some international renowned photographers to become that year’s <AWPA International Honorary Master> to provide expert advice, act as competition judges and share their techniques with our members.

AWPA International Competitions
Each year AWPA organises two photography & videography competitions: 1st & 2nd Half International Photography & Videography Competitions. The competitions open during March and September each year.

To advance to a higher level of Membership Tier, a member shall participate in the 1st & 2nd Half International Photography & Videography Competitions and accumulate certain AWPA Award Points required for each year.

AWPA Award Points are awarded as follows:

First Place - 5 points
Second Place - 3 points
Third Place - 2 points
Excellence Award (entries scoring over 80) - 1 points

A photo or video entry may only be submitted for one competition. In other words, an entry submitted previously cannot be submitted again. This also means that a photo/video entry cannot be submitted for both the 1st and 2nd Half Competitions. If so, the latter entry will be disqualified and there will be no refund of any fees.

Final Judging & AWPA Annual Awards

At the end of each year, all photo/video entries in the 1st & 2nd Half Competitions winning an Excellence Awards or above will AUTOMATICALLY enter the Annual Final Judging held in December/January. During the Final Judging, all winning photos/videos during the 1st & 2nd Half Competitions will be reviewed again.

For each category, AWPA Annual Awards will be granted as follows:

Grand Award (only one in each category)- Best work based on all skills and creativity; amazing work of art
Gold Awards - Outstanding skills and creativity
Silver Awards - Very good use of photography/videography skills
Bronze Awards - Good use of photography/videography skills


Grand Award (only one in each category) - Award Trophy + US$500 cash prize
Gold Awards - Award Medals
Silver Awards - Award Medals
Bronze Awards - Award Medals

Award trophies and medals will be presented to winners during AWPA Annual Award Ceremony to be held in January or February in Hong Kong every year.