Essie Chang (Golden Love Production)

Essie Chang is a famous Chinese director of wedding films, founder and producer of GoldenLove Production. He was responsible for filming wedding for celebrities including An Yixuan and Zhouyang. His innovative style is leading the wedding videography industry. His team is the most awarded wedding photography team and the most expensive one in Southern China.


  • 2017 Paris Fashion Week, Select Fashion Award- Global Fashion Industry Promoter
  • 2016 Wedding &Event Videographer Association- Best Photographer and Best Aerial Photographer of the Year
  • 2017 Wedding & Portrait Photography International- Silver Awards of Film Making and more
  • 2017Asian Wedding Vogue Awards- Most Popular Wedding Videography Brand
  • 2014~2017 Asian Wedding Vogue Awards- Best Wedding Videography Brand
  • 2016 ACGCWI – Outstanding Photographer
  • 2016 Sony Wedding Videography Contest- Best Wedding Recording Award
  • 2016 Wedding Association of Guangdong Province- Best Wedding Videography Team