Wu Jing

Wu Jing

1967 Born in Beijing, China 1986-1989 Studied Chinese famous portrait photography at the Central Academy of Fine Arts

Teacher Cinematographer Member of CNSC of China Film and Television Photographers Association

In 1992, he began to work in portrait photography, and in 2000, he became the best portrait photographer in China with more than 100 of them.

Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan well-known film and television stars, artists and singers cooperate to take pictures and photos. The co-stars are Zhou Xun and Xu Jing

Lei Fan Bingbing Zhu Yin Gao Yuanyuan Li Yapeng Liang Jiahui article Huang Xuan Tong Dawei Wu Yifan Liu Ye Han Han Zheng Jun He Yong

Bai Baihe, Tan Zhuo, Zhu Yin, Yuan Wenkang, Dong Xuan, Wang Kai, Geng Le, Su Youpeng, Lu Yi, Wang Xuebing, Qin Hao, Li Fei'er, etc.,

Portrait works have been published in dozens of various photography, film and fashion media magazines at home and abroad. "Fashion"

"BAZZAR", "Fashion and Health", "Chinese Fashion", "Chinese Photographer", "Portrait Photography", "China Silver"

"Cinema", "Movie World", "Star Times", "Watching Movies", "Popular Movies", "Satellite TV Weekly", "HI ART"

"Drama Film News", "Popular TV", "Chinese Women", "Beijing Youth Weekly", "Sanlian Weekly", "New

Weekly, Italy, AMICA, Taiwan, Artist, etc.

Published several portrait photography photo albums "Xu Jinglei 2001 Vietnam Photo Album" "Xu Jinglei 2005 Lanka"

Photo Album", "Tong Dawei's 2005 Hetu Alamo", "Xu Jinglei's 2009 South African Photo Album", etc.

Cooperated with many famous Chinese directors: Wang Xiaoshuai, Zhang Yibai, Xu Jinglei, Zhang Yuan and other directors to shoot and publish movie posters

Film Album: "I Love You", "Letter from a Strange Woman", "In the Mood for Love", "Blue and Red", "Secret Shore", etc.

Works released at the most influential international film festivals: France Cannes International Film Festival Tokyo International Film Festival Spain Saint

Sebastian China-US International Film Festival Shanghai International Film Festival, etc.

In December 2015, in the "Wencheng Cup" Jipai 48 Micro Film International Competition hosted by China Central Television CCTV

Served as a photography jury, judging works by photographers from 20 international teams.

In April 2015, a photo shoot at the first "Changzhi" Micro Film International Competition hosted by China Central Television (CCTV)

Served as a judge in the exhibition.

As a cinematographer and many of China's most