Keda Z

International award-winning top photographer, judge & mentor. MPA Overseas Master Photographer of the Year. Double Master of WPPI. Top 3 Photographer of Asia. Far East most awarded photographer.

KEDA.Z FENG is the Founder and principle of KEDA.Z Photography Gallery. He is from Johor Bahru, Malaysia. A member of SGM (Soka Gakkai Malaysia) and am madly in love with art. From a young age in primary school, he have loved drawing and had frequently joined drawing competitions and wins awards.

Keda.z fell in loved with music when he was 7 and was encouraged by elder sister to learn organ, and self-study guitar and music arrangement, which plays a big part in his life. 

-Double Master WPPI-USA.
-FMPA Highest Grade of MPA-UK.
-International Honorary Master AsiaWPA-HK.
-Distinction of Master WPPA-Asia.
-Top 30 Outstanding Young Malaysian.
-International Photography Competition Judge & Mentor for 9 Countries & 11 Organizations.
-Tenth Time Photographer of the Year.
-Malaysian-based Chinese Top International Artist with over 300 Awards.
-The 100 Most Influential Young Entreprenuer.