Roger Tan

From Malaysia, AsiaWPA's highest international honor master, 2019 Top Ten Chinese Portraits, also holds the highest diploma of MPA British Photographer Master FMPA (Fellowship of Master Photographer Association), and serves as the judge of the MPA Far East Program for photographers from various countries. Roger is also a signed photography instructor of Master Workshop (S.O.M.), and a special sharing guest of many international photography groups. Photography courses have been held in China, Hong Kong, the United States, Thailand, Australia, Turkey, Poland, Japan, Korea and other parts of the world, with a total of more than 150 students so far. It is popular for its course content rich in thinking and technical innovation.


Since 9 years ago, based on his strong interest in photography, he taught himself wedding documentary photography. With his talent and strength, Roger has won the TOP20 Wedding Documentary World, the British MPA Photographer of the Year, and won the most authoritative American WPPI competition in the past three years. 98 awards - including 11 gold medals, 8 special silver medals, 80 silver medals... So far, it has more than 180 international awards in the total number of all competitions. the


Roger's photography knowledge covers portraits, fashion, creativity, and uniqueness; his photography notes cover famous scenic spots around the world, such as Italy, the Greek Aegean Sea, Japan, Prague, etc. He has been photographed countless times. As an experienced photographer, Roger pays great attention to lighting, pose, composition, angle, etc. when shooting, and his products are highly praised by customers.

ASIAWPA ,WPPI, AGWPA, AIPP, WPPA Photo Contest Grand Prize Winner