Raymond Phang

Raymond Phang, who is often regarded as approachable, is a photographer with unparalleled imagination, humorous shooting style, exaggeration and boldness, but he himself is not good at words.

In just six years, he has won more than 150 awards such as the first, second and third places in many international photography competitions. Despite this, he still maintains an open-minded attitude and earnestly studies, often constantly challenging himself and surpassing himself.

Life is impermanent. Rather than sitting in a well and watching the sky, it is better to be proud of the rivers and lakes. With this motto, Raymond decided to inject a little humor into his work, hoping that his shots will bring a lot of joy to everyone.

In addition to his works being listed in the Leica Gallery in Singapore, the National Museum of Singapore participated in the exhibition, he was also invited to share in various lectures hosted by Canon Singapore. Photography has become a platform for him to make new friends in various countries, and he was invited to share a photography lecture held by AsiaWPA in Beijing last December.
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